An online training course specifically for young immigrants


Welcome to Pathways to Work

Pathways to Work is an interactive online guide to help young immigrants get a job or get a better job. It is a European Union Leonardo da Vinci funded initiative, established to design and pilot a web-based information/training resource specifically for young immigrants looking to gain employment that more closely matches their skills, qualifications and experience. It will be developed taking into account the specific needs of Immigrants and Ethnic Minorities in gaining employment.

Pathways to Work as a partnership, offers expertise in training, employment and immigrant issues. It constitutes an ideal platform for the development of a high quality-training tool for young immigrant. Together we comprise two youth development support organisations in the UK and Spain; two immigrants rights networks focusing on social and economic inclusion in Ireland and Greece; a specialist training and development from Italy; a Polish University with extensive experience of issues facing young migrants; and an e-learning consultancy from Northern Ireland.

Our resource tool will provide interactive information/training materials for new and existing businesses consolidating current resources into one easily accessible vehicle.


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