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The Pathways’ course has been developed to assist Immigrants get a job or get a better job in their new host country. It has been designed especially with new immigrants in mind, and will help you consider all of the skills you have, even if not gained in a work situation. It will guide you the through the immigration work process including visas, and challenge you to develop your job search and interview skills, as well as providing tools and templates to prepare your curriculum vitae and covering letters.

The course currently has five modules, as illustrated in the drop down menus. Each module comprises a differing number of sub-modules. The modules are self contained and can be completed in any order, however we recommend that you start at module one and work your way through them progressively.

Each section will offer a number of questions or exercises for you to complete and which will help prepare you to source potential employment opportunities, apply for the job, prepare for the interview and hopefully get you that dream job!

In addition to the training tool, there are additional resources in the library, podcast, video and network sections, which you will find on the home page.

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