1.1 Hopes and Fears

Video 1 & 2 – Migrant Stories
Exercise – Hopes & Fears

Starting a new job comes with many hopes and fears, starting a new job and moving country can increase these. Many migrant workers have hopes of a better way of life, more job opportunities, stable employment and career progression to name but a few. Some of the fears may be difficulties with language, not being happy away from home or in the job and issues with racism and prejudice.

The following two videos explore some stories about migrant workers in the UK and some of the reasons why they moved and issues they are facing.

Hopes & Fears Exercise

Explore what your own hopes and fears are for working and living in a different country. Take your time to think of as many different hopes and fears you have and list them on the downloadable worksheet. If you are working in a group,  pair up with a partner, or in a small group and discuss your hopes and fears to see if anyone has the same results.

If you are completing this separately it will still be beneficial to list your ideas to help prepare you for living and working abroad.

Click to download Hopes and Fears Exercise

Keep the results of your top 5 hopes and fears, as you will need to refer back to them later in the module.