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Pathways to Work: An Employment Upgrade Training Programme for Young Immigrants is a transnational, EU-funded project which aims to help young migrants to maximise their career potential in their new home countries.

The project is funded by European commission through the Leonardo da Vinci – Transfer of Innovation Programme.

It brings together seven organisations with expertise in employment and training, education, advocacy on behalf of migrants and communications to develop a training module that can be used across the EU Member States.

The overall aim is to assist young immigrants to upgrade their employment level by facilitating access to training, better jobs and a career plan and it is hoped to achieve this by:

  • fostering greater understanding of labour market trends and employment rights
  • equipping participants with improved workplace communication and teamwork skills
  • increasing participants’ capacity to compete for jobs with similarly skilled nationals by assisting them to build an electronic career portfolio and to use online career marketing tools effectively
  • promoting greater awareness and use of host country vocational education and training structures and other training opportunities
  • gaining an in-depth understanding of barriers faced by young migrants in partner countries and the practical ways they can be overcome
  • transferring and adapting existing training resources by creating a new training resource combining classroom teaching and online content, which will be thoroughly tested with the participation of the target group to ensure quality
  • promoting the widespread uptake and use of the training course, focusing on social actors with access to immigrant populations, vocational education and training institutions and other training bodies with potential to mainstream the course
  • contributing to the personal development of migrants and the fulfilment of their potential to expand their contribution to the labour market and the economy
  • creating greater awareness in the workplace of the positive aspects of cultural diversity, improving societal relations and community integration by facilitating young migrants to gain access to more diverse employment opportunities.

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