Work Hours


The majority of workers are entitled to the following minimum standards:

  • a maximum average working week of 48 hours – although a worker can choose to opt out of this maximum limit;
  • a maximum working week of 40 hours for young workers
  • 11 hours of uninterrupted rest between each working day;
  • 4.8 weeks’ paid annual leave per year – this changes to 5.6 weeks from 1 April 2009 (subject to a maximum of 28 days);
  • 1 whole day off a week;
  • 20 minutes break if they are required to work 6 hours or more and 30 minutes break every 4 ½ hours for young workers, this must be taken away from their work station; and
  • free health assessments for night workers.
  • There are special arrangements for young workers, doctors in training and night workers.

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