Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) The qualifying conditions for SSP are:

  • You have done some work for your employer since you first started work for him
  • Your earnings attract a liability for employer’s Class 1 NI contributions (or would but for your age and level of earnings)
  • You have been off work sick for four or more days in a row. All days count for this including weekends and bank holidays and any days you don’t normally work. This is called a Period of Incapacity to Work (PIW)
  • You have average weekly earnings of not less than the Lower Earnings Limit (LEL) for NI contributions purposes. This is currently £90 per week for April 2008-2009 tax year.
  • You work for your employer for at least one day each week. This is called a Qualifying Day (QD) and these are the only days that SSP can be paid to you. But if you work a shift pattern where you have to work in one, or more, weeks but don’t work at all in the next week/s, the QD/s must be either the days you normally work in your working week/s or the Wednesday. This must be agreed between your employer and their workforce.
  • You cannot get SSP for the first three QD’s in a PIW. These are called Waiting Days (WD’s)
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