4.1 Introduction

Multiple Intelligence Self Assessment - Increase Your Productivity

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About Multiple Intelligences
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About Multiple Intelligences

The world is full of different types of people, with different types of intelligences. With the help of our multiple intelligence self assessment, you will be able to find out more about your learning potential and your strongest learning styles. You can access our multiple intelligence self assessment at the end of this introduction.

Prior to the introduction of multiple intelligence tests, people who scored high in IQ tests and other psychometric tests were considered to be intelligent. However Dr. Howard Gardner proposed that people are classified based on seven distinct types of intelligence.

So it can be said that a multiple intelligence test defines the type of intelligence a person has, and thus suggests the attitude, characteristics and job that best suits the person. A typical multiple intelligence test consists of questions that don’t only relate to maths, logic or science.

There are also questions on day to day life like what your hobbies are, how much you like music, how adept you are with directions, how you mix with people, how you like social gatherings and many other such questions.

On answering these questions that best describe you, you will be able to define the type of intelligence you have, a strong score will be 30+ and a weak score will be under 20.

Individuals usually identify three strong intelligences from this test, these are your “natural” learning styles, ideally a well balanced score is best as this shows that you have a mix of learning styles.

Click here to download our multiple intelligence self assessment exercise.

Once completed, you can save it to your hard disk as a permanent record. Once you have completed the exercise you can see what sorts of careers might best suit your intelligence style by downloading careers guidance sheet here.