The Interview (Middle)

  • Always face the interviewer with good posture and body language.
  • Stay positive with your attitude and your answers. Let the interviewer know about the skills, knowledge and experience that make you a qualified candidate.
  • Know your CV and portfolio well and be prepared to answer questions about them.
  • Don’t be a know-it-all! Express your willingness to learn!
  • Be honest with all answers. Experienced interviewers can see right through “little lies.”
  • Be thorough with your answers. Never answer with just a “yes” or “no.” Always provide explanations and examples.
  • If you don’t understand the question, ask the interviewer to explain.
  • Pay close attention to what the interviewer is saying.
  • Organize your thoughts before speaking. Feel free to think for a moment about tough questions. Silence is not a bad thing as long as you do not take an excessive amount of time.
  • Speak clearly
  • Answer questions confidently
  • Be enthusiastic about the job and company
  • Maintain good eye contact
  • DON’T:

  • Emphasize your weaknesses.
  • Draw attention to negative attributes such as poor attendance, grades, being fired, etc.
  • Criticize former employers, co-workers, or other businesses.
  • Discuss personal issues, good or bad, which are irrelevant.
  • Discuss salary or benefits unless the interviewer brings it up first.
  • Interrupt the interviewer.
  • Use swear words.
  • Remember that you represent a risk to the employer. A hiring mistake is expensive. Show you are highly motivated and energetic

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