The Project Partners


Belfast-based Springboard Opportunities Limited is the Pathways to Work project lead agency.

Core partners are:

Conform Consorzio Formazione Manageriale (Italy); the Immigrant Council of Ireland (Ireland); Fundacion Laboral del Metal (Spain); Uniwersytet Szczecinski – The University of Szczecin (Poland) and Canice Consulting (UK). iRED Institute for Rights Equality and Diversity based in Athens (Greece) is an associate partner on the project.

Springboard Opportunities Limited is a non-governmental organisation which has supported the positive development of disadvantaged people since 1992, through building capacity and mutual understanding. The organisation has a person-centred ethos and believes in a two-way learning process. It works closely with the Department for Employment and Learning in the UK and FÁS in the Republic of Ireland.

Conform – Consorzio Formazione Manageriale is a non-governmental organisation. Conform is a network of national and international public and private organisations including institutions, universities, training organisations, research centres, banks, employer associations and international voluntary organisations, that promotes the development of a life-long learning culture.

The Immigrant Council of Ireland (ICI) is a human rights organisation which advocates for the rights of migrants and their families and acts as a catalyst for public debate, legislative and policy change. The ICI works with and for migrants to promote their rights through information provision, advocacy and public awareness. The ICI is also an Independent Law Centre. The ICI has developed a number of programmes which promote the economic, political, social and cultural particfipation of people who have migrated to Ireland.

Fundacion Laboral del Metal is a non-governmental organisation which was founded in 2004 to provide training activities and solutions for the metal industry in Cantabria, Spain. FLM carries out joint projects with government, trade and labour unions and designs bespoke education plans for companies and public organisations on new technologies and methodologies related to qualifications, skills updating and competencies development.

Uniwersytet Szczecinski – The University of Szczecin. The university was established in 1984 and currently has a student population of more than 36,000 and nine faculties. The Faculty of Management and Economics of Services, which comprises 18 chairs and three departments, will be most closely involved in this project.

Canice Consulting is an independent consultancy based in Lisburn, Northern Ireland. It focuses on training and development services, primarily for the private sector. It is active in Ireland, the European Union and further afield.

Associate Partner

iRED Institute for Rights, Equality and Diversity is a not-for-profit research institute that brings together interdisciplinary scholars. Its political impact is achieved through its scientific work relating to migrants and minorities, effective or potential racism and discrimination and the protection and effective enjoyment of human rights in Greece and Europe.

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