Rationale for the Project


Research has shown immigrants face specific barriers in the labour market, including: prejudice and xenophobia, discrimination by employers, difficulties obtaining recognition of qualifications and prior learning, cultural differences in working practices and communication skills, and lack of awareness of national support structures relating to employment and training.

These barriers place migrants at a significant disadvantage in comparison with local workers, meaning that they can end up in jobs below their skills level; are more vulnerable to job instability and experience many difficulties in terms of mobility in the labour market.

The Pathways to Work project focuses on young immigrants’ needs and aims to enable them to compete with other job seekers on a “level playing field” by equipping them with practical tools in terms of job search and transition skills.

It involves undertaking a detailed training needs analysis and customising existing training materials to suit the needs of young immigrants, aged between 18 and 30.

By increasing this group of young people’s skills and adaptability and enabling them to obtain jobs which recognise and utilise those skills, they will be better placed to fulfil their potential in the labour market, enjoy greater personal growth and social integration.

This will help improve their employment options and, more importantly, help overcome socio-economic disadvantage.

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