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Download the full Training Needs Analysis report here

This report addresses the reasons why migrants migrate, and their employment status in their host country. The research was undertaken by five European counties: Poland, UK, Spain, Ireland and Italy by adopting quantitative and qualitative methodology.

Download the summary Training Needs Analysis report here

This summary addresses migrant’s educational needs and attitudes regarding their employment status in their host country. The summary also highlights the barriers perceived by migrants in the labour market. It also addresses the training needs of migrants. As a result of this, the research concludes with recommendations by migrants for specific types of educational resources to help increase their employability.

Download the Interim Evaluation report here

This report details the findings and conclusions of the interim independent external evaluation of the Leonardo Da Vinci Lifelong Learning Programme “Pathways to Work: an Employment Upgrade Training Programme for Young Immigrants”. The report evaluates the work packages already completed by the transnational partnership, and recommendations for the year ahead.

Download the Quick Check report here

The Quick Check Report was positive with many participants finding the materials to be relevant and easy to use with one teacher commenting that they “believe it can help young immigrants understand more about their creative abilities.” The report also contains recommendations from participants on how the module can be improved, including simplifying the language and vocabulary used and making greater use of colour.

Download the Pilot Test report here

The Pilot Test report compiled by the Spanish partners FLM confirm the positive feedback received during the UK phase of the pilot test. The report also highlights some areas for further improvement that each partner language version of the site will need to implement.

Download the Final Project report here

A detailed report on the 2 year Pathways to Work project.

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