BAYANIHAN! The Filipino Community in Northern Ireland
(NICEM, 2012)

This report is part of NICEM’s Strategic Advocacy Project (SAP) and has been developed by the SAP team. The SAP is funded by Atlantic Philanthropies and aims to promote equality and human rights for ethnic minorities in Northern Ireland.


Forced labour in Northern Ireland: exploiting vulnerability
(Institute for Conflict Research, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, 2011)

This report explores the extent of forced labour among new migrants to Northern Ireland and outlines a number of recommendations for tackling the problem.


Satisfying Labour Demand Through Migration
(European Migration Network, Emma Quinn, 2010)

Investigating Ireland’s approach to satisfying the labour market demand through migration from 2004-2010


The Opportunities and Challenges of Migration: A Regional Response
(Equality South West, May 2010)

The final report from the Equality South West Migrant Workers project includes a summary of the various pieces of research carried out and a list of employer good practice case studies. The report also disseminates the findings from the ESW employer events and outlines the work ESW carried out to develop the South West Migrant Workers Network.


What Works With Integrating New Migrants?
(Runnymede Trust, 2010)

This report form the Runnymede Trust focuses on what type of interventions work in integrating new migrants into new societies. It looks at international lessons, drawing from best practice examples in countries across Europe, and within the US, Canada and Australia. The report attempts to draw out key drivers of integration by undertaking a thorough review of integration approaches by different countries, and it attempts to highlight integration interventions that work for particular groups in a variety of circumstances.


“…easy life, great people, bad weather”
A Report on the Experiences of Migrant Workers In Northern Ireland
(Institute for Conflict Research, 2009)

This report documents the findings of the first large-scale, Northern Ireland-wide research into the experiences of migrant workers in this jurisdiction. The study, commissioned in 2008 by the Department for Employment and Learning (DEL) was conducted over a nine month period in 2008/2009 (May 2008 – January 2009), with the main part of the fieldwork – large sample questionnaire – running between mid-September 2008 and January 2009.


Crosscare – Migrant Project Publication
(Living in Ireland, 2009)

Living in Ireland is a resource that provides general information for migrants living in Ireland.


Audit of current services provided by members of the Belfast City Council Migrant Forum for Migrant Communities
(Good Relations Unit Belfast City Council, 2008)

This report from the Belfast City Council Migrant Forum provides a brief audit of current services provided by members of the Shadow Migrant Worker Group (SMWG) for migrant workers including a list of research on issues relating to migrant workers / inward migration carried out or commissioned by SMWG members, a list of information guides carried out or commissioned by SMWG members and a list of training provided by forum members..


Business in the Community, Migrant Worker Integration Group
(Position Paper, October 2008)

Business in the Community’s Migrant Worker Group believe that by working closely with government and other NGOs, they can help to deliver lasting and mutual benefits to migrants, businesses and communities in rural areas.

This paper sets out the assessment of Business in the Community’s Migrant Worker Integration Group on the challenges and opportunities posed by the migrant labour force in rural areas.

Drawing on the experience and knowledge of members of the Migrant Worker Integration Group, this paper sets out a number of recommendations for business and government on how these challenges can be tackled and the opportunities of migrant labour fully embraced.


Getting on: From Migration to Integration – Chinese, Indian, Lithuanian and Nigerian migrant experiences in Ireland
(The Migration and Citizenship Research Initiative UCD, 2008)

This report focuses on migrant’s experiences living in Ireland. The report seeks to use the migrant responses to inform future policy recommendations.


Accessing redress for workplace exploitation: The experience of migrant workers
(Migrant Rights Centre Ireland, 2008)

This report focuses on the migrant’s experience of exploitation in the workplace.


Realising Integration: Migrant Workers undertaking essential low paid work in Dublin
(Migrant Rights Centre Ireland, 2007)

This report looks at the integration and inclusion of migrant workers in undertaking low paid work in Dublin. The report explores the importance of migrant workers doing low paid work, which it highlights as being essential for the effective running of the city.


Migrant workers in England and Wales: An assessment of migrant worker health and safety risks
(Health and Safety Executive, 2006)

This report from the Health & Safety Executive, which draws on interviews with 200 migrant workers in five regions of England and Wales, considers whether the position that recent migrant workers occupy within the labour market puts their health and safety at increased risk, in comparison with other workers in similar positions.


Voices of Immigrants: The Challenges of Inclusion
(Immigrant Council of Ireland, 2004)

This report seeks to provide a voice for migrants. It also seeks to provide awareness on the policies and strategies that affect migrants.

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